Anno Roobol

The Blair Air System is a zero emissions motor that harnesses energy from a flowing gas stream to generate compressed air to power pneumatic devices. As a result, the Blair Air System prevents pneumatic devices from venting methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The system is also capable of driving up to three mechanical liquid pumps, allowing operators to consolidate air compression and liquid handling into a single package. The unit does not require any electrical utilities, making it ideally suited for remote well pad sites.

The gas used to drive the unit is routed back into the main flow line, making it a closed system. The unit can run on a wide range of gas compositions including liquid rich sour gas and requires as little as 8 psi intermittent pressure differential. On each piston stroke, free flow occurs resulting in a negligible effect on gas flow rate. This mechanical package is fully autonomous and can be run without the use of a control system.


Anno Roobol

Proven multilingual enthusiastic team leader, innovator, and entrepreneur.  Anno has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, with 11 years of work experience in the Oil and Gas industry as engineer and project manager.  He is incredibly excited to be the commercialization lead for the Blair Air System, this role combines his passion for sustainable solutions with his experience in the Oil and Gas industry.  Anno is a family man, team player, and an incredibly passionate soccer fan.