Alison Thompson

Borealis GeoPower is about realizing a vision. One where sustainable zero impact geothermal energy is the cornerstone of a new energy system, while also earning economic returns. While most geothermal players are focused on developing sustainable power, Borealis GeoPower is additionally focused on heat, a simpler energy form with a freely accessible market.

Borealis provides both local distributed carbon tax free renewable geothermal heat for commercial/industrial uses and renewable premium priced electricity. Borealis demonstration project “Sustainaville”, is a geothermal energized commercial “Geo-Park” offers that offers geothermal energy that will boost a diversified local economy: supporting food, mining, and neighbourhood districts with heat and power alternatives. Secondary business lines include ethical solution mining, ancillary services, ecotourism, and selling carbon credits. Recent policy changes have made this prototype economically replicable in almost 300 Western and Northern Canadian communities.


Having held several positions at a coal-based utility in the US and hydrocarbon giants in Canada, such as Suncor and Nexen, and now as a Principal at Borealis GeoPower, Alison has stood on both sides of what sometimes seems like a deep divide between renewable and non-renewable energy production. As an engineer, she brings a depth of understanding for the technology behind energy production. Through her diverse experiences, she has developed an intimate understanding of the political landscape and business culture of energy.

Borealis GeoPower is widely regarded as an industry leader in geothermal exploration and development. To accomplish this, Alison had successfully changed Canada’s tax codes in 2010 and 2017, to include geothermal electricity and heat, respectively. Alison and Borealis GeoPower are changing the way people think about geothermal and its economic viability; realizing a vision of zero impact geothermal energy being the cornerstone of a new energy system.