Scott Carrington

The Modular Solar Roof System is at the forefront of today’s solar technology. In the near future, unsubsidized “alternative” energy sources will be as cost effective as current energy sources. Technological improvements, like those found in the Modular Solar Roof System, are allowing this near future to be even closer to reality.

The Modular Solar Roof System is comprised of interconnected square-shaped modular tiles. Located on an outward facing surface of the modular is a housing designed to support the weight of a human without breaking and a circular AC solar cell. Each modular tile mates with an adjacent modular tile to form a water tight seal by using contours located on at least two sides. Electrical terminals located on at least two sides of the modular tile are conductively coupled with the AC solar cell in the modular tile. The electrical terminals are designed to mate with identical electrical terminals on an adjacent modular tile.