Mark Huolt

RNG International Limited (‘RNG’) is proud to have developed a green solution that solves the separation process while contributing no toxic emissions and eliminates the need for the use of glycol in the water extraction process.

The Glycol Free Dehydrator (‘GFD’) has been in development for many years. It contains no moving parts, emits no greenhouse gases and is environmentally friendly through its ability to separate constituents without chemicals, resulting in significant cost savings for oil and gas companies.

The GFD Separator utilizes the kinetic energy from the flow of natural gas from the wellhead to separate the elements. Because no moving parts are contained within the vessel a 25-year lifespan on the unit is projected. Current technologies (glycol separators) require regular maintenance, replacement of glycol, and have greenhouse gas emissions.


Mark Huolt has been a serial entrepreneur and self-starter for many years. He specializes in creative financing, sales and marketing, strategic and technical solutions. He has since taken RNG International as his next commitment, and as President, is looking forward to commercializing and scaling its revolutionary technology.