“DialogLoop is an Audience Engagement and Networking Software Platform for Live Events

Have you ever attended an event and wished you had a copy of the presentation on your device?

Or missed out on asking questions?

Or hoped you would know who to meet in the room?

As a Presenter, have you ever wanted to run a live polls?

Quantify the audience’s attention level for each slide?

Or boost your sales while presenting?

DialogLoop solves these problems by providing a seamless content Sharing, Engagement, Lead Generation and Networking experience.

The DialogLoop Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint enables Presenters to seamlessly build surveys, stream content and their presentation to attendees’ mobile devices.

Attendees connect to the DialogLoop Web platform to discover the content, engage in real time surveys, participate in live Q & A, take notes, and interact through live chat and networking.

DialogLoop is simple and reliable and enables presenters, attendees & event producers to enrich the event experience and get tangible, measurable ROI”.